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Family reunions and celebrations help to strengthen the bonds that hold everyone together, even when they’re scattered around the world. For extended family gatherings, our camps offer peaceful, practical and fun-filled environments. Each camp even has a small comfortable lounge for anyone who needs privacy for a while.

Exclusive use of the entire property
At our camps everyone in your family can relax and be exactly who they are. You won’t have to share with strangers. This helps to draw you all together, yet there’s ample space for individual relationships to grow.

Ideal for young and old
While the younger ones burn off energy on the playing field, playground or confidence course, there are plenty of quiet spaces for the elderly to relax. The large heated indoor areas provide year-round spaces for all generations to gather together. They’re ideal for speeches and presentations to celebrate special occasions, like a significant birthday or anniversary.

Getting away from it all without going too far
The pace of modern life often puts a strain on families, and the stress of hosting a large family gathering in your home is often the last thing you need. At our camps, you and your family will quickly unwind in the beautiful, healthy and natural environments. Plus, they’re only 40 and 50 minutes from downtown Auckland, so for most people there’s no long expensive journey involved.

Catering made easy
The commercial-style kitchens make it easy for everyone to help with preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards. For many families this is part of the fun, but others choose the option to hire their own commercial caterers. It’s up to you.

Shared experiences create lasting memories
A picnic at a beach or waterfall, a hike to see local natural attractions or a wander through the onsite forest can all provide experiences that are far removed from everyday life. When they’re shared with close friends and family they help to create memories that are cherished for life.


Hunua Falls Camp

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Houghtons Bush Camp

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